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Human Resource Management

A Human Resource Management Programme is a comprehensive and strategic educational initiative designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for effectively managing and optimizing human capital within organizations.
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Health Management

A Health Management Programme is a structured and interdisciplinary educational curriculum focused on developing professionals who possess the expertise to navigate and enhance healthcare systems, ensuring the efficient delivery of quality healthcare services.
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Project Management

A Project Management Programme is a specialized training initiative that imparts the essential skills, methodologies, and principles needed to plan, execute, and successfully complete projects, emphasizing effective leadership, resource allocation, and risk management.
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Information Management

An Information Management Programme is a comprehensive educational undertaking aimed at equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to strategically collect, organize, analyze, and leverage information resources within an organization, decision-making and innovation.
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Welcome to AMDTI ~

Africa Management Development and Training Institute

– A Capacity building and training institution registered in South Africa under the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO). AMDTI has been certified and permitted to conduct human capacity development programmes within Africa and around the globe.

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Event Management

AMDTI offers a comprehensive range of Events Management Services that are essential for the creation of successful events here in South Africa and continent-wide
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In-House Training

Amdti offers a wide range of in-house training to organizations, before conducting the in-house training, we will analyze the needs of your organization.
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Team Building

Our team building seminars are a great way of developing and maintaining better working relationships or just having a great day together as a team.
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Shuttle Services

Our transportation system is in place to move delegates to and from the airport and other interesting places at no cost. We are equipped to give our delegates a satisfactory experience.
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Launches her

Our online platform is tailored to make Capacity Development easy for Organisations and the workforce. AMDTI platform made learning easy and convenient for everyone at all levels!

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